Pyatiy element

Pyatiy element stands out from other projects developed by the Company in the region due to its extensive use of innovative solutions and integration of artwork into the urban environment.

Housing class


  • 26 buildings of varied height (7–25 floors)
  • Two kindergartens for 220 and 190 children
  • A school for 1.1 thousand pupils
516 thousand sqm
total area
34 ha
site area

Aske’s Pyatiy element

We invited Dmitry Aske, a famous “street wave” artist from Moscow, to help us with the design of the Aske’s Pyatiy element housing estate. Dmitry’s artwork can be found on the walls of the Tretyakov Gallery, in the building and on the platforms of Moscow’s Leningrad Railway Station, and in public spaces of several Russian cities.

Residents of Pyatiy element will admire wall paintings the artist made himself on the facades of two apartment blocks. The total area of images representing the archetypal male and female roles will come in at 744 sqm. On top of that, specifically for the project Dmitry Aske developed draughts for fitting out entrance spaces in the style of Soviet monumentalism.

With our Rostov-on-Don project conceived in partnership with one of the best known street artists, we did not only strive to offer future residents a full-blown outdoor contemporary art museum, but were also aiming to contribute to the revival of official (authorised) public art.

Irina Matvienko Marketing Director and Curator of Sociocultural Projects


 neighbourhood offers the latest innovative solutions for comfortable living:

  • Courtyard park (comprehensive site greening)
  • Gated courtyard with sports grounds
  • Recreation spots with deck chairs and benches
  • Innovative neurodynamic playgrounds

Project financing

Credit facilities provided by Sberbank.

Use of escrow accounts for construction of all buildings starting from 2021.