Human resources management

Building a strong team and developing employee competencies and talents is key to the Company’s effective operation. We seek to attract the best talent in the industry.

As at 31 December 2021, ITECO had 1,840 employees, including 565 people in Moscow and 1,275 in Rostov-on-Don.

INTECO personnel (including subsidiaries) by gender and age, %

The Company has a system of continuous on the job training and professional development in place.

In 2021, the Company placed major emphasis on the development of the employees’ professional and business competencies. Due to the epidemiological situation in the education market, only a limited number of institutions offered quality face to face training programmes in the reporting period. We were still able to select the best available options in the market and arranged training for our people, with 25% of the personnel involved. Some of the major educational activities of the year include:

  • The Management of Development Projects for the development division employees.
    This module-based programme was organised jointly with the Development Academy taking into account competency assessments and INTECO needs. This was the longest ever training programme (over 3.5 months) and it received a lot of positive reviews. The course attracted employees from other divisions as well, prompting the Company to post the materials at the corporate portal’s Knowledge Base section for everyone to access at a convenient time.

  • The Line Manager Development programme
    This practice-oriented project focused on increasing management competency and enhancing the managers’ planning skills

  • Complex negotiation trainings and workshops on telephone communications for Sales employees helped improve their customer interactions skills.

In addition to group trainings, employees regularly take special courses on changes in legislation, procurement processes, contract law, data analysis and visualisation, financial modelling, non-destructive testing in construction, and many other areas of the development business.

West Garden Employees of the Company. The development division