Key highlights

In 2021, our business in Rostov-on-Don delivered excellent results. Cash receipts amounted to RUB 6.1 billion. A strong contracting order book will ensure financial resilience in 2022.

In Rostov-on-Don, INTECO is working on three residential neighbourhoods in the Leventsovsky District. As at the end of 2021, the Company’s project portfolio stood at 0.6 million sqm. During the year, INTECO commissioned 112 thousand sqm of housing.

2021 contract sales by project
Project In value terms, RUB million In volume terms, thousand sqm
Pyatiy element 4,506 63.6
Leventsovka Park 490 7.8
Strany Mira 43 0.7
Total 5,039 72.1
RUB  >5 billion
contract sales
RUB  >6 billion
cash receipts
(including escrow)
RUB 5.9
revenue for 2021
RUB 1.1
19 %
EBITDA margin
112 thousand sqm
commissioned in 2021

The Company’s investments in Rostov-on-Don construction projects amounted to RUB 3.7 billion in 2021, with over RUB 5 billion earmarked for further investments in 2022.