Environmental protection

When implementing its development projects, INTECO pays close attention to environmental issues.

Each housing estate of the Company follows a unique landscaping concept based on preservation of the natural environment and creation of green yards. The share of greenery in our projects considerably exceeds the regulatory requirement of 25%Clause 7.4 of Rules SP42.13330.2016: Urban Development. Urban and Rural Planning and Development (approved by Order No. 1034/pr of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation dated 30 December 2016, entered into force on 1 July 2017). of the housing estate area. For example, the West Garden project features an embankment, a 7 ha revegetated natural park and six inner gardens, each with its unique set of ornamental plants. The Westerdam project is to have 2.04 ha, or 37%, of its total 5.5 ha area planted with greenery and will feature an apple orchard that will bring the area of greenery to 6.04 ha, or 110%.

The Company uses environmentally friendly finishing and landscaping materials, including copper, clinker bricks, natural stone and others. For example, the Vrubelya housing estate features natural stone from the Ossetian Genaldonian deposit as the finishing material. Amid mounting geopolitical concerns, this also removes the risks of import substitution for the Company’s facade finishes.

All finishing materials used in our projects have certificates of environmental compliance.

Each INTECO’s project is unique, which goes well beyond the design of housing estates as we leverage an integrated approach to the development of infrastructure, landscaping and recreational areas.

At our Frunzenskaya Embankment, 30 and ONEST projects, we have set up a system of separate domestic waste collection to ensure waste recycling and reuse.

Setun walking route

As part of the West Garden business-class project in the west of Moscow, INTECO has completed the landscaping of the Ramenka river embankment.

It now features a walking route raised above the ground to preserve existing grasses, shrubs and trees. The area also saw new vegetation planted, including more than 40 trees (maple, rowan, bird cherry, and willow), about 12 thousand shrubs (guelder rose, sagebrush, blackberry, and spiraea), and about 7.4 thousand flowers (columbine meadow-rue, bellflower, lungwort, iris, brunnera, and fern). The walking route features convenient river access points with the pathway made of larch planks, which highlights the environmental focus of the project.

Setun walking route Setun walking route

Energy efficiency of our residential developments

As a company at the forefront of its industry, INTECO is committed to the rational use of natural resources.

Our projects feature heating systems with adjustable settings depending on the outside temperature. The radiators are also equipped with thermoregulators and room temperature sensors, which help adjust the supply temperature based on the temperature inside the apartment.

Other solutions are also in place to save heat in winter and to keep properties cool in summer. For example, we use energy-efficient window units filled with inert gases, which helps distribute energy consumption evenly. The Company also uses windows with increased profile thickness and three sealing levels to improve thermal insulation.

Window frames made from wood, which is the most energy-efficient material, are used to improve the building’s thermal envelope. Wooden door frames are also used for the same purpose (as part of our Vrubelya, 4, Sadovye Kvartaly and Ilyinka, 3/8 projects). Our suppliers of wooden products use high-quality feedstock and rely on advanced production solutions and stringent environmental controls.

The use of unique stainless steel facade systems also helps improve energy efficiency of our projects reducing the impact of potential cold bridges.

Reducing energy consumption is one of the key sustainable development goals. INTECO relies on state-of-the art solutions to design the power supply systems for its properties.

All switchgears are placed in the centre of electrical loads to ensure even distribution of load across all phases and power supply lines. We use wiring cables with copper conductors to minimise power losses in networks.

Lighting solutions at INTECO’s projects feature energy-saving LEDs. Indoor lighting control systems are equipped with motion sensors (in stairwells, corridors and partially in the underground car park) and feature automated controls for indoor and outdoor lighting.

Street lighting Westerdam. Street lighting

To reduce electricity losses, INTECO relies on reactive power compensationReactive power compensation is a means to control the reactive power balance at various nodes across an electric power system in a desired way in order to control voltage, as well as in distribution networks to reduce power losses. It relies on the use of compensating devices.. Thanks to this technology, the power factor at INTECO’s properties is 0.95 (the closer the power factor to 1, the smaller the losses in the network).

In addition, the Company uses soft starters for electric motors of power installations, which makes it possible to reduce inrush currents.

Saving water resources

We design water supply systems at our projects so as to reduce water losses and prevent the misuse of water resources. To this end, we install:

  • pressure regulators to decrease excessive pressure in control areas, resulting in a 5% cut in water consumption;
  • water-saving fittings with improved control and flow characteristics, which reduces water consumption by further 5%;
  • frequency controlled pumps for the transportation of potable and utility water as well as multi-pump systems, which helps reduce energy consumption and control water pressure and water supply output during peak and minimum load hours.