Sustainability principles

INTECO is committed to sustainable development embracing the best Russian and foreign sustainability practices.

We recognise the importance of sustainable development and work hard to integrate ESG into the Company’s operations and business.

Our key ESG transformation priorities for 2021 include:

  • maintaining the high quality and environmental safety of our materials, including as part of import substitution due to sanctions;
  • maintaining the quality of landscaping and green spaces of the Company’s projects;
  • ensuring full compliance with the construction and environmental regulations.
  • maintaining the Company’s transparency for contractors, customers, employees, and government agencies;
  • preserving jobs and salaries;
  • providing psychological assistance to employees in the context of geopolitical changes;
  • keeping up the quality of customer support with regular updates on the course of the construction and Company news;
  • protecting the personal data of our customers and employees;
  • continuing with charity initiatives.
Corporate governance
  • maintaining openness to shareholders and the quality of the management’s decision-making process, including the decisions requiring approval by the Company’s collegiate governance bodies;
  • ensuring transparency of management and financial information for stakeholders;
  • managing the Company’s risks with due account of the market dynamics;
  • ensuring responsible corporate governance in the conditions of geopolitical instability.

In today’s market environment, INTECO’s ESG transformation is focused on supporting resilience and maintaining the stability of the Company’s internal processes.

Сотрудники Employees of the company near the ONEST model

In 2021, the Company updated its Corporate Code of Ethics (the Code). The document solidifies INTECO’s responsible business practices building on the Company’s ethical norms and values and ensuring honest and fair treatment of our employees, customers, and partners. The Code is compulsory for all employees and serves as an effecting instrument preventing potential abuses, conflicts, and actions that could harm INTECO’s reputation.

The Code sets out the following responsible business principles.

  • Compliance with standards, laws and regulations. The Company is fully compliant with applicable laws, requirements and standards regulating its activities, and diligently follows the principles of corporate ethics.
  • Honesty, transparency, integrity and reliability. The Company is transparent for its stakeholders and strives to fulfil our obligations in a bona fide and consistent manner. We make sure to follow a zero tolerance policy towards corruption and take every effort to maintain both our own, and the industry’s reputation.
  • Social responsibility. INTECO is not only a reliable employer that provides social support to its employees and their families, but also a responsible developer that preserves and enhances the environment as part of its projects.
  • Efficient corporate governance. The Company seeks to integrating best corporate governance practices in its day-to-day operations with a view to:

    • protecting the rights of shareholders, beneficiaries and other stakeholders;
    • disclosing information about the Company’s operations in a complete and timely manner;
    • ensuring transparency and accountability of INTECO governing bodies.

The Code also formulates seven values for the Company’s employees. At INTECO, we achieve synergies by strictly adhering to the following interaction and decision-making principles.

  • Open communication: our employees jointly discuss and contribute to decision making on key issues.
  • Mutual respect and willingness to hear alternative opinions: we respect each and every one of our employees as individuals and professionals. Employees take different approaches to matters in question by substantiating their positions and contributing to a balanced solution.
  • Speed and efficiency in implementing decisions: our employees implement decisions on time and fulfil their obligations, focusing first and foremost on the end result.
  • Development and willingness to embrace change: we take into account previous experience, but are always ready to adapt and grow professionally.
  • Creativity: we are always open to new ideas and constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency.
  • Engagement: we are proud about our achievements and celebrate the contribution of each team member to the overall success.
  • Handling INTECO property with care: employees treat corporate property with the same care as their own. We try to minimize costs and save the Company’s resources by using them responsibly.
Садовые кварталы Sadovye Kvartaly

The Company is committed sustainable procurement practices. INTECO’s Regulation on procurement is the key document governing the Company’s purchases. It complies with the requirements of Federal Law No. 223-FZ On Procurement of Goods, Works and Services by Certain Types of Legal Entities dated 18 July 2011 The Regulation mandates that all procurement participants undergo counterparty reliability evaluation by INTECO’s security service to be assigned a risk level. A red level of risk leads to the counterparty’s exclusion from the list of the Company’s procurement providers.

The Company has a zero tolerance of all forms of corruption. The Corporate Code of Ethics requires employees to refrain from committing or taking part in corruption offences either in their own interests or on the Company’s behalf. Conduct that may be perceived as an intention to commit or participate in any corrupt practices is not allowed. Managers and employees must avoid being affected by any influences, interests, or relations that may have an adverse impact on INTECO’s business and reputation.