Vrubelya, 4

Vrubelya, 4 is a uniquely designed premium-class housing estate in the Sokol District whose visual aesthetics were inspired by the works of Mikhail Vrubel. The estate sits in a location well known for its traditions, opposite the artist village. The heritage of Moscow art nouveau in its design is represented by the curved contours of the building and decorative elements, carved rustic work, and awe-inspiring terraces.

Housing class

Urban Awards 2020 Winner in the Best Premium-Class Residential Development Under Construction category
Urban Awards 2019


  • А four-section building of varied height (8 and 12 floors) for 200 apartments
    • apartments with terraces of 120 sqm
    • a wide range of layouts: from one to five-room apartments of 46 to 176 sqm
    • number of apartments per floor: 3 to 6
    • an optional traditional fireplace in top floor apartments
    • enclosed balconies with thermal insulation
  • A kindergarten for 20 children (with a medical room)
  • A two-level car park for 235 cars
  • Underground storage premises
34.5 thousand sqm
total area
0.64 ha
site area



  • A private patio with recreation, sports and children’s play areas, decorative shrubs and flower beds
  • The "green terrace" — a pergola with stained glass windows
  • The central area with a Vrubel rosette and a semicircular bench reproducing one of the artist’s famous works
  • A sports ground decorated with medallions replicating Elena Janson-Manizer’s porcelain images of Soviet athletes that can be found in the central hall of the Dinamo Metro Station in Moscow
  • A beautified public roof terrace with a high-rise promenade


  • The centrepiece is a fireplace enamelled in a style referring to the artist’s famous fireplace (now on display at the Tretyakov Gallery)

When commissioned, the uniquely designed Vrubelya, 4 project will make an excellent complement to the architecture of the artist village neighbourhood.

Stanislav Frolov Vice President, Development

Project timing

  • Project acquisition.

  • An amended construction permit was obtained.

  • A credit line to finance the project was opened with DOM.RF Bank.

  • Apartment sales started.

  • The project won the Urban Awards 2020 as the Best Premium-Class Residential Development Under Construction.

  • ANTTEQ was chosen as the general contractor for Vrubelya, 4.

  • Construction and installation works started at the site.

  • Cast-in-place concrete construction started underground.

  • Zero cycle works were completed.

  • Cast-in-place concrete construction in the residential area was completed.

  • The facility is scheduled for commissioning in Q4.

Financial performance

DOM.RF Bank credit line

Use of escrow accounts

Share of mortgage transactions in 2021 sales, %