Business model

INTECO’s Rostov-on-Don business boasts its own production capacities and covers a full development cycle from the manufacturing of reinforced concrete products to the operation of residential real estate. This enables the Company to maximise margins by controlling the entire operational chain, which is a critical competitive advantage in the standard housing segment.


Since the acquisition of Large-Panel Housing Construction Plant in 2006, the Company has been maintaining a full development cycle in the region, including operation of the constructed facilities.

16 years
in Rostov-on-Don’s real estate market
~1,250 employees
>570 thousand sqm
project portfolio
as at 31 December 2021

KKPD-Invest provides EPCM services and manages the implementation of development projects in the region.

Southern Regional Research and Design Institute of Urban Planning is a design contractor that provides a wide range of urban planning services. It offers design solutions based on the Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology. The institute has a track record of successfully completed development (total area of 214 hectares) and design projects (c. 1.2 million sqm of housing).

Large-Panel Housing Construction Plant manufactures reinforced concrete products and provides general contractor services. Currently, it is one of the largest and most advanced players in the Rostov Region’s development industry.

Magistrat-Don (part of KKPD-Invest) is a general real estate broker in the Rostov-on-Don market.
With over 13 years’ experience of working with INTECO in the Rostov Region, it has sold apartments in the Company’s 67 residential buildings. In 2021, the total area of sold properties exceeded 70 thousand sqm. Mortgage transactions accounted for 72% of total sales. In 2021, Magistrat-Don ranked among Top 3 developers in the region by the number of mortgage transactions.

Patriot-Service is a management company operating in the Rostov-on-Don housing and utility services market.
It manages residential and non-residential assets with a total area of 1.5 million sqm. The managed properties are part of the Leventsovsky neighbourhood and the Aquarelle and Krasnye Vorota housing estates. The company employs qualified engineers and technicians who have the right skills and experience to perform technical maintenance of buildings. It also has a 24/7 dispatcher service and emergency plumber and electrician teams ready to handle any accidents immediately.

Large-Panel Housing Construction Plant (KKPD)

KKPD is the largest manufacturer of products and provider of general contractor services for large-panel housing construction projects not only in Rostov-on-Don and the Rostov Region, but throughout the Southern Federal District.

Its offering includes:

  • production and erection of advanced prefabricated and semi-prefabricated buildings;
  • provision of general contractor services;
  • manufacturing of reinforced concrete products for third parties.
Large-Panel Housing Construction Plant (KKPD)

By 2015, the plant was completely upgraded. Today, KKPD features:

  • advanced production capacities with equipment from the best European manufacturers (EBAWE, Wiggert, ECHO, Progress);
  • an in-house concrete production shop, storage capacities, machinery (tower cranes, motor transport), a solid contractor pool, and assembly teams;
  • expertise in constructing multi-storey buildings to individual design specifications (up to 25 storeys);
  • production of singular facade solutions with improved architectural features (manufactured from small-piece materials with details and décor made of architectural concrete, using marble and glass crumb, polymeric polyurethane matrices to create panels with different textured surface patterns).
total area
thousand sqm
of workshops
and production facilities
up to 180 thousand sqm
annual output of housing
>800 employees
as at 31 December 2021

Innovative solutions: Integral block sections

In 2020, we developed new innovative Integral block sections for high-rise housing construction.

The solution enables the Company to construct unique projects featuring original layouts with options to add a dressing room and an extra window in the kitchen’s working area or in the bedroom for convenient zoning of space. The Integral block sections feature modern design of the facades and common areas, with the area of glazing increased by 15–20%. They ensure maximum efficiency of apartment floor planning to suit any requirements. The use of a unified range of products to manufacture the Integral block sections helps optimise their cost.

class energy efficiency
time to construct a building with an area of 15 to 25 thousand sqm
up to 0.75
floor area ratio
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