Caring for the customer

In our residential complexes we create a favourable social environment for our customers. As part of our housing projects, we also design and build social infrastructure facilities. We engage the best professionals and build modern schools and kindergartens featuring gated territory, playgrounds, walking areas, and guest parking lots for parents. For our existing and future projects, we have planned the construction of schools for over 4 thousand pupils and pre-school facilities for more than 1.7 thousand children.

INTECO has pioneered innovative children’s playgrounds. The Company has come up with Playgrounds of the Future: a Neurodynamic Approach — a research-based methodology for creating and equipping playgrounds to support children’s physical and cognitive development. It helps train the brain’s vestibular system using neurodynamic methods. The project was designed by INTECO together with experts of the children’s neurological centre Prognoz (St. Petersburg) and architecture firms Druzhba and Chekharda. The West Garden eco estate will be the first in Russia to feature such playgrounds.

Setun walking route
Neurodynamic playgrounds INTECO

When designing yards in our residential complexes, we focus on creating car-free spaces as an essential comfort element for big city living. For visitors, there are parking areas, while residents are provided with underground parking lots with storage rooms.

The elaborate yard design of our projects has been praised by independent experts. For example, Est-a-Tet ranks Westerdam in the Ochakovo-Matveevskoye District among Moscow’s top 10 housing estate concepts, while the West Garden business class project in the Ramenki District was included in Moscow’s top 8 housing complexes with the largest yards, according to Metrium.

The Company contributes to the planning of Moscow’s transport and social infrastructure. We make sure that residents of our neighbourhoods have convenient access to the public transit infrastructure. Westerdam, for example, has comfortable and safe pedestrian connection to the Aminyevskoye Shosse metro station, while for West Garden, we have built a pedestrian bridge across the Setun River as part of the project to Improve the Pedestrian Accessibility of the Minskaya Metro Station.

Ensuring safety at our residential estates

Our high-quality projects meet the most stringent safety requirements, which is a top priority for the Company. We introduce smart technologies and use only properly certified and environmentally friendly materials to ensure safe and comfortable living conditions for our future residents.

Fire safety

We employ cutting-edge fire safety technologies to design and build our facilities. The type of deployed fire extinguishing equipment depends on the size and height of the building and the purpose of the premises.

  • Each building has an internal fire water supply with hydrants installed in public places.
  • If necessary, buildings and individual premises are furnished with automated fire extinguishing systems. For instance, the new buildings of the Ilyinka, 3/8 residential estate are equipped with a fire sprinkler system. It consists of piping filled with an extinguishing agent released automatically to put out a fire.
  • Each apartment has its own fire extinguishing equipment connected to the water supply system.
  • When using plastic sewage pipes, we install fire couplings under ceilings between the floors to prevent fire from spreading to the adjacent floors.

We use fire-resistant structures in the construction, as well as sealants, fire barrier slabs, steel frames, and mineral wool to minimise the potential spreading of fire.

Construction and installation Construction and installation works on the Vrubelya, 4

Prioritising the safety of our customers, we also make sure that all of the materials we use are toxic-free and environmentally friendly.

Clean water

Access to quality drinking water is crucial for the health and well-being of our customers. Our residential complexes are equipped with the following water treatment systems:

  • integrated purifying systems for removing harmful impurities, eliminating odours, and disinfecting cold and water;
  • water purification based on a “third tap” system for drinking and cooking. The Gidrovell water treatment systems installed at our residential properties are certified by NSF International. The purification process includes reverse osmosis and mineralisation. All harmful impurities are removed, and water contact materials are properly tested for safety. The system features forced circulation to prevent water stagnation in the pipes. For the drinking water supply based on the “third tap” system, we use stainless steel popes, which are both durable and safe.

Wastewater is removed through noise-absorbing sewer systems. The noise reduction is ensured by multi-layer plastic pipes, hydraulically optimised fittings reinforced at connection points, and noise-absorbing clamps.

Some facilities are furnished with anti-leak systems in the bathroom and kitchen areas. In the event of an accident, the system will shut off valves to block the flow of water into the apartment, thereby minimising the damage from the leakage and preventing flooding of the apartments located on lower floors.


In designing our residential estates, we take into account the needs of people with limited mobility and disabilities. We ensure a barrier-free, safe and convenient environment for them inside the buildings, on the adjacent land plots and in common areas, including:

  • accessibility of destination points in terms of distance and available routes;
  • safety of routes (including those for evacuation), destinations, and service outlets;
  • proper conditions for prompt and unhindered evacuation from buildings and facilities to the street or to a fire-safe zone as a way to eliminate fire hazards;
  • proper conditions for providing complete and quality information required for travelling to a destination or service outlet.