Leventsovka Park

With a park of its own, Leventsovka Park is the greenest housing estate of the district. But its key innovative feature is the inner entertainment park for residents of all ages.

Housing class


  • 16 residential buildings of varied height (5–25 floors)
  • A school for 1.1 thousand pupils
  • A kindergarten for 270 children
  • An outpatient clinic for 500 visits per shift
332 thousand sqm
total area
24 ha
site area


The housing estate has several parks suited for different purposes.

Entertainment park:

  • >5 thousand sqm for games and leisure activities
  • >200 swings, slides and climbing frames

Sports park:

  • 19 sports grounds
  • 2 thousand metres of bike lanes
  • Grounds with sports equipment, tennis tables and bike lanes

Shopping park:

  • >5 thousand sqm of shops and office spaces

Green park:

  • Multi-tier greenery
  • >10 thousand trees and shrubs

Project financing

Credit facilities provided by Sberbank.

Use of escrow accounts for construction of all buildings starting from 2021.