Managing change

Implementation of INTECO’s investment appeal programme

In 2020, we developed INTECO’s investment appeal programme.

The programme’s key focus areas are:

  • creating a routine to streamline the implementation of projects in the Company’s growing portfolio;
  • embracing comprehensive digitalisation for all processes and functional areas;
  • improving the risk management framework;
  • developing corporate communications;
  • laying the groundwork for a continuous dialogue with the investment community and public disclosures;
  • creating a corporate governance framework in line with best practices;
  • advancing the industry by contributing to law-making initiatives.

The well-coordinated and effective work of our team helped achieve the Programme goals ahead of schedule in 2021.

Employees of the Company near the ONEST model

Key Programme accomplishments in 2021

Management system for development projects

  • Improving the project scheduling system and automating project schedules and current status reporting.
  • Creating a current status reporting system for all main and supporting functions based on the Power BI platform. In 2021, the system’s using intensity increased by three times.
  • Developing element-based acceptance using BIM models, including completed work acceptance by construction control at the construction site and visualization in the BIM environment. The method has been piloted as part of the Vrubelya, 4 project.
  • Implementing a project risk management system based on Risk Map. The risk maps have been visualised in Power BI.

Digitalisation Programme

  • Implementing a dynamic pricing system, which uses automated algorithm to predict the price of a particular property. The system’s accuracy was more than 82%.
  • Developing and implementing a mobile app for customers, including an app module to support the property handover to home buyers and further warranty service.
  • Creating a geographic information database of land plots that has automated the competition analysis and evaluation of promising projects.

Personnel development

  • Implementing an internal and external training programme, with ~ 45% of employees taking part.
  • Creating external and internal talent pools.

GR and IR functions

  • Releasing the Company’s first public interactive annual report.
  • Participating in drafting industry related legislative initiatives.
  • Contributing to the creation of a Commission for the Support of Investment Projects of the Public Council under the Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities, with INTECO’s President appointed its head.

Transformation programme in 2022

The Company has always understood the importance of managing change. The dramatic changes in the business environment and significantly increased uncertainty in 2022 further highlight the salience of the issue.

In early 2022, the Company is focused on improving the efficiency of its business processes and adapting to new market realities.

  • Adjusting business processes to take into account new market conditions.
  • Implementing the IT strategy and the comprehensive digitalisation programme with an emphasis on adopting Russian software and import substitution of IT solutions.
  • Introducing an automated system to monitor material and equipment prices in the market.
  • Revising the power and responsibility distribution system when making decisions as part of development projects.
  • Adapting the contract system to the new mechanism for managing general contractors.
  • Developing and transforming the PR policy, fostering a favourable information environment around the Company, strengthening its positive reputation.
  • Enhancing after-sales services to increase customer loyalty.
  • Adapting the product management system in the context of the new sanctions policy to maintain product quality.
  • Automating the process of calculating and updating costs.
  • Implementing BIM technologies across the project stages from the architectural concept development to construction control.
  • Developing the reporting system based on the Power BI system, including for supporting functions.
  • Contributing to the development of the construction industry and implementing GR initiatives.