Occupational health and safety

Strict compliance with occupational health and safety at all sites is a top priority for INTECO.

Management approach

When selecting contractors, we look not only at the quality of services, but also at how they observe safety requirement and ESG principles. Our contractors are responsible market players who hold valid certification for all the works they carry out. Self-regulatory organisations reporting to Rostekhnadzor are in charge of monitoring observance of standards in the construction industry. These organisations issue compliance certificates and conduct regular (scheduled, ad-hoc, field and desk) audits of their members.

ANTTEQ, part of ANT YAPI International Holding and INTECO’s general contractor for Vrubelya, 4 and Westerdam projects, boasts a team of world-class professionals possessing every licence needed to operate in Russia and the CIS. ANTTEQ’s occupational health and safety, quality and environmental management systems passed certification for compliance with GOST standards.

Vrubelya, 4 Vrubelya, 4
Westerdam Westerdam

It has put in place the Workplace Safety Standard and the Regulation on Fatality Investigation, which formalise its goals in the domain of occupational health and industrial, fire and environmental safety:

  • zero workplace injuries and occupational diseases;
  • zero workplace accidents;
  • mitigating an environmental footprint;
  • compliance with laws and occupational health and industrial, fire and environmental safety standards;
  • higher efficiency of labour protection.

ANTTEQ’s health and safety management system comprises the following elements:

  • safety of processes and certain types of work;
  • occupational health and hygiene;
  • environmental protection at the existing sites;
  • environmental protection at greenfield projects.

The Workplace Safety Standard and the OHS management system are mandatory for implementation across the company.

Its employees received additional training in introducing quality management in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, internal audit of quality management systems in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, and documenting in quality management in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

FODD, INTECO’s general contractor for West Garden, has put in place a standard outlining OHSE and construction management requirements. The document sets out uniform corporate OHS management standards, the company’s organisational structure and key functions supporting a healthy and safe workplace environment at construction sites and administrative premises, requirements to site infrastructure, administrative and amenity facilities, construction and installation processes and labour protection. The standard describes OHS management practices adopted by FODD to pursue its goals and policies in construction health and safety. The standard is aligned with GOST 12.0.009-2015 (occupational health and safety standards, health and safety management system) and Order No. 438n of the Russian Ministry of Labour and Social Protection On Approving a Standard Health and Safety Regulation dated 19 August 2016, laws and regulations on organising and ensuring health and safety in construction.

West Garden West Garden

As per the approved occupational health and safety policy, FODD’s top priorities are the health and safety of its staff, construction quality and reliability and zero environmental damage to ecosystems at construction sites. The company’s relevant risks are associated with the majority of construction works performed in hazardous and harmful conditions.

Aware of its responsibility for the life and health of its employees, process, operational and environmental safety, and sustainable use of natural resources, FODD management undertakes to do the following:

  • comply with the Russian laws in occupational health and industrial, fire, electrical and environmental safety;
  • ensure staff, occupational and process safety and take all necessary steps to prevent workplace injuries and health deterioration;
  • introduce innovations and advanced technologies to upgrade construction processes, equipment and devices in line with current standards and minimise a potential negative impact on employees;
  • continuously improve occupational health and safety at every project stage.

FODD has introduced its own system to assess subcontractors, which significantly reduces risks.

Importantly, West Garden became a platform for a skills competition of construction engineers and technical staff staged by the Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities (Minstroy), the Ministry’s Public Council, National Association of Builders, National Association of Engineering Surveyors and Designers, and National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering. In the run up to the Builders’ Day, a group of the best health and safety officers participating in the competition visited the site. At one of the stages, they had to identify faults at a real construction site. INTECO’s development experts arranged for minor violations of health and safety requirements, strictly monitoring the use of dummy devices and making sure there is no threat to technologies and processes and everything is put back in order after the competition. The contesters were to find and note these violations both inside the constructed buildings and at the adjacent area.

Employee health protection

Employee health is key to ensuring quality construction and a robust workplace environment. To timely provide healthcare services, INTECO offers a free access to voluntary health insurance to each employee after they complete the probation, and makes additional payments to those on sick leave.

Each INTECO employee is entitled to voluntary health insurance after completing the probation

Anti—COVID-19 measures

In 2021, the Company continued to takes steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

RUB  >10 million
total COVID-19-related
expenses in 2021
50 %
share of transactions
registered electronically
in 2021

To reduce the risk of infection during contract signing and eliminate the direct contact between our staff and customers at the execution stage, we enabled the electronic registration of transactions. In 2021, INTECO increased the share of such transactions to 50% vs. 30% in the previous year. As part of sanitary and hygiene control, we also equipped our offices with protective equipment and formulations.

Over the year, we purchased 80 thousand medical masks, arranged for 1.1 thousand PCR tests for our staff, and had 80 employees vaccinated.

COVID-19-related expenses in 2021, RUB million
Disinfection 5.0
Tests 2.8
Vaccinations 2.1
Masks, gloves and sanitisers 0.3
Total 10.2