Strany Mira

Strany Mira is a well-furnished neighbourhood with three housing estates: Angliyskiy Kvartal, Frantsuzsky Kvartal and Italiansky Kvartal.

Housing class


  • 21 buildings of varied height (18–20 floors) designed to match the style of respective quarters
  • A kindergarten for 140 children from Angliyskiy Kvartal
  • A kindergarten for 140 children from Frantsuzsky Kvartal
  • A school for over 1.2 thousand pupils
523 thousand sqm
total area
38 ha
site area


Each housing estate is designed to match the architecture of respective regions.

  • Angliyskiy Kvartal: subdued colours, unassuming and discreet public and entrance spaces
  • Italiansky Kvartal: spacious courtyards, bright facades reminiscent of houses in Italy’s capital city
  • Frantsuzsky Kvartal: symbolic references to France can be found in the building facades and colours, as well as street furniture, public and entrance spaces
  • Wide intra-block driveways
  • Comprehensive site greening
  • Advanced infrastructure: kindergartens and an outpatient clinic, a school with a swimming pool, shops, hypermarkets, shopping malls, beauty parlours, banks and a post office
  • Commercial premises with individual entrances located outside the estate for the convenience of residents
  • Playgrounds
  • Sports grounds and equipment

Project financing

All credit facilities have been repaid.