Embankment, 30

Inspired by the most outstanding examples of constructivism from the early 20th century, the project builds on INTECO’s tradition of combing bleeding-edge technologies in residential construction with the heritage of the Russian architectural school. We have already announced projects to be built in art nouveau and neo-Russian styles (Vrubelya, 4 and Ilyinka, 3/8).

The housing estate at the Frunzenskaya Embankment will blend in harmony with the historical development of the Khamovniki District. The project’s neighbourhood features parks (Gorky Park, Neskuchny Garden) and the beautified Luzhniki embankment.

Housing class


  • Several low-rise buildings (5–9 floors)
  • A high-rise building (13 floors)
  • An underground car park
84.3 thousand sqm
total area
4.41 ha
site area


Tsimailo Lyashenko Partners developed a project concept, with a focus on recreating the innovative design of the All-Soviet Construction Exhibition planned in Khamovniki in the 1930s. The best preserved exhibition building is the main pavilion called an airplane house because of its outlines resembling an airliner from a bird’s eye view. Frunzenskaya Embankment, 30 will take advantage of these architectural solutions, making them even more creative.

The location’s history had a significant impact on the project’s exterior design. In the 1930s, it became a platform for the grand architectural experiment which failed to materialise in full scope for a variety of reasons. The residential concept followed in the footsteps of the Russian constructivism rethinking its ideas and focusing on combining rationality and vivid expression.

Evgeny Semenov Senior Vice President — Executive Director

Project timing

  • Project acquisition.

  • The Company initiated designing the architectural and urban development concept.

  • Moscow’s Architectural Council considered and approved the project concept.

  • Scheduled start of construction, installation and sales.

  • Date of commissioning the last building.

Frunzenskaya Embankment