The key objective of INTECO’s development strategy is to deliver shareholder value.

Performance highlights in 2021

As at the end of 2021, the Company was valued at RUB 30 billion, making it possible to complete the approved strategy two years ahead of schedule in terms of shareholder value growth.

The Company continues to implement the approved strategy by focusing on the following areas:

  • ensuring growth of the project portfolio in target segments;
  • increasing the project margins, including through comprehensive cost management;
  • improving business processes to maintain resilience;
  • increasing investment appeal, financial stability and transparency for all stakeholders.

The implementation of the strategy in 2021 produced the following results:

3 x
project portfolio growth since 2018 (up to 1.2 thousand sq. m in Moscow)
281 thousand sqm
total area of real estate commissioned in 2021 in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don
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2.2 x
revenue exceeded the result of 2020, amounting to 60.4 billion rubles
RUB 52.4 billion
investment in construction and acquisition across INTECO
2.4 x
EBITDA grew year-on-year to RUB 21.7 billion
36 %
EBITDA margin
net debt /EBITDA stood as at the end of 2021
RUB 40.1 billion
amount of funds on escrow accounts as at the end of 2021
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transformational initiatives were implemented since 2018
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Strategy delivery for 2022

  1. Market analysis for new project opportunities. Despite significant market changes in 2022, the Company continues to follow its approved development strategy, including with respect to acquiring new projects, by evaluating the land plots available in the market, project terms, and the financing conditions offered by banks. At the same time, the effective implementation of the existing projects and fulfilment of all obligations to customers, creditors and contractors remain the Company’s top priority.
  2. New project development: creating concepts for new projects, designing and marketing ONEST, Ilyinka 3/8, Frunzenskaya Embankment, 30.
  3. Adjusting principles for managing general contractors to accelerate managerial decision making as part of development projects. Offsetting the risks of increased costs and dependence on imported materials, including taking into account the global supply chain transformation. This, however, should not affect the quality and properties of the materials or negatively impact on project deadlines and property handover to customers.
  4. Increasing operating efficiency across all business processes, both core and supporting, to maximise financial performance.
  5. Continuing to implement comprehensive Digitalisation Programme, and considering the potential for a partial transition to Russian software. Special focus on Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies as part of the Digitalisation Programme in 2022.
  6. Adopting the ESG principles in the Company’s internal processes and in the design and construction of residential housing projects.
  7. Maintaining continuity and building on the Company’s transparency and openness as integral elements of its investment appeal.
Фрунзенская набережная Frunzenskaya Embankment, 30